Presented by Ortho Nebraska
Presented by Ortho Nebraska

Tournament Information

Welcome to the 2022 ASICS President’s Day Classic. 

Asics, Nebraska Elite Volleyball, Nebraska Orthopaedic, and Midwest Volleyball Warehouse are pleased to be hosting this event and we hope that you enjoy your participation or viewing.

General Tournament Format

OPEN DIVISION 12's, 13's, 14's, 15's, 16's, 17's & 18's

are pools of 4, 6 or 8 teams with all teams advancing to playoffs on Monday.  The top two teams in each pool will advance to the Gold Championships, the rest will advance to other playoff brackets.


Play will be normal 2 out of 3 game match play for all Open Divisions.   



will have the tournament broken down into 3 parts.  Preliminary pool play, power pool play, and elimination playoffs.  All play will be match play best 2 out of 3 games.  The third game is only played if needed to decide the match.  There is a tournament winner and awards for the 1st and 2nd place in each of the Club Gold Divisions.



will have the tournament broken down into 3 parts.  Preliminary pool play, power pool play, and elimination playoffs.  All play will be match play best 2 out of 3 games.  The third game is only played if needed to decide the match.  There is a tournament winner and awards for the 1st and 2nd place in each of the Select Gold Divisions.


For the purpose of determining forfeits, the scheduled time is the match time and any forfeit may only occur at the scheduled starting time.


The Libero is allowed to serve in this tournament.


All matches will have a paid 1st Referee. We believe that if you are investing the time to play in this event, you deserve a well officiated match.


Teams are required to officiate as noted on the master schedule. During the pool play rounds the officiating teams are designated on the schedule.  Teams must supply a down referee, lines people, scorers and ball shaggers.  


The Presidents' Day Classic tournament requires an adult coach as the 2nd referee whenever their team is officiating. Failure to have an adult coach as a 2nd referee will result in the lose of 1 point per minute for every minute the officiating team is not in compliance. We have found that having an adult as the 2nd referee greatly reduces the problems and complaints associated with players being 2nd referees.


On Monday on most of the courts the losing team will stay and help officiate the next match on their court.  Check the tournament schedule carefully.  If you lost your last match, 99% of the time you are officiating the next match on that court.


The definition of "next match" is the next match which requires an officiating team on that court. For example, a team which loses a match at 8:00 am will normally officiate the next match which is scheduled at 9:00 am, however if there is no scheduled match at 9:00 or the 9:00 match is forfeited by a team, the scheduled officiating team will ref the next match which occurs on that court.


In order to start the tournament on Monday there are 40 teams which will have to line, score, & ball shag at 8:00 am.  These teams are noted in both the master schedule and on the playoff charts.  On the playoff chart the officiating teams are those teams which have a box around them.  Check the schedule carefully.


Failure to provide the officiating crew for your assigned matches could result in the forfeit of the first game of your next match; for every minute the officiating is late, one point is given to their next opponents - up to the 25-0 forfeit.  The second offense results in the loss of your next match.  Late is defined as not being at the court ready to officiate at the conclusion of warmups.



We will use the same warmup procedure as used for all Qualifiers.


  • There will be no shared hitting during warm-ups
  • For all matches of the pool the warm-up time will be 2-4-4. 2 minutes for shared ball handling, 4 minutes for the serving team to have the entire court and 4 minutes for the receiving team to have the entire court.
  • Teams which are not on the court for their 4 minutes, must remain at their team bench and may not warm-up on any portion of the tiled surface nor in any spectator areas.  (Per 2010 USAV rules)


How to Read the Schedule

The schedule is broken down into three parts.

  •  The Pool Charts which list the teams by pool.  Based on your finish in a pool you can determine where your team will go next.  All pools are labeled with a heading such as 18CD1R2P1,  this can be read as 18's Club  Division 1 Round 2 Pool 1.   When you finish play in a pool your positional finish in that pool (1-4) is appended to the pool #. For example finishing 1st in pool 18CD1R2P1 gives your team the identifier 18CD1R2P1-1, from this you can look in the pool chart or play off brackets and find your next match.
  •   The Master Schedules show you what courts and times each of the pools and play off matches are played.   During  pool play the Pool # such as 18CD1R2P1 is at the top of each time slot.  During Play-offs, the match number is shown at the top of each time slot.  A typical match number would be 18CSLM1 which stands for 18 Club Silver Match 1.   Also shown on the master schedule are the officiating teams.  Check this carefully for Monday morning officiating assignments.
  •   The Play-off Brackets are the final part of the schedule.   Each play off match is assigned a match number such as 18CSLM1 which stands for 18 Club Silver Match 1.  The location and time of that match is shown in the play off bracket and it should also show up on the Master Schedule at the same time and place.

Athletic Trainers

We believe the Athletes in Junior events deserve to have Athletic Trainers on duty during the events. We will have a complete Athletic Training area like those found at the Qualifiers.
Why take any chances, play at an event where your players can get the best care if needed.
Athletic trainers will tape players free of charge, however, you must supply the tape.  (Tape will be available for $2.00 per roll if needed.)  Players are encouraged to talk with the trainers if they have a problem or question.


Awards are given only to the First and Second place teams in the Gold Division of all Club & Open Divisions.

Tie Breaking Procedures for All Divisons

All pools will be ranked according to overall match record.  If a tie exists in overall match win/loss records the ties will be broken using these USA/JNC National Tie Breaking Criteria.


    1.  Match Record in your pool

    2.  Head to Head results

    3.  Game percentage  (Games won / Total Games Played)

    4.  Point percentage (Total Points you scored / Total points opponents scored in your pool)

    5.  Coin toss.

These criteria will be used sequentially and not repeated.


All positions will be determined by these criteria and NO tie breaking games will be played in any pools.

Protest Procedure

If a protest needs to be filed it is to be done at the time of the incident, no later.  The first referee is obligated to acknowledge and record all protests.  Only the floor captain may file a protest. (The exception to this is with the 14 & under , 13 & under, and 12 & under age divisions, where the rostered team coach may act instead of the game captain.) 

The protest must be written on the scoresheet by the official scorekeeper or the first official, and must be signed by the person presenting the protest as well as the first official.  All protests will be ruled upon prior to the next service.  Judgment calls may not be protested.  Protests will be considered only for situations outlined in the United States Volleyball Official Rules booklet.  All protests will be handled by the protest committee.

Tournament Dates

Feb. 19-21, 2022 for All Divisions

Tournament Location

Omaha, NE


  • CHI Health Convention Center
  • Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex
  • Iowa West Fieldhouse (Monday only)

See the General Information tab for more details.

Tournament Schedule

Schedule to be posted the week before the event.

Photo Gallery

Check out some of the pictures from our recent events.

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