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Presented by Ortho Nebraska

General Information

See the links below on the left for detailed information regarding Tournament Facilities, Court Locations, Free Shuttle Service and Convention Center Facility Rules.

General Information

We are proud to offer two ways to check-in your team to the Asics President’s Day Classic.  We highly encourage you to consider the Online Check-In process outlined below.  It is much easier and faster than In-Person Check-In and adds flexibility as to who can pick up your team’s wristbands.

In order to complete any check-in, your roster must be complete and verified.  We encourage you to do this at least a few weeks ahead of time and not at the last minute in case you run into any problems.



Online Check-In

Online check-in can be done from your home/office/mobile device.


Online Check-In will begin Wednesday morning at 8:00 am. To check-in online, log into your account, scroll down to the Asics President’s Day Classic event, find the team you wish to check-in and click on the purple button that says “Check In Online”.  This purple button will only show up after Online Check-In begins.


Upon completion of the online check-in process, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code for the team. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address on file with the tournament for your team/club.  Please be sure your club account is updated with the correct contact information before checking in.


This QR code must be brought to the lobby of the Omaha  Convention Center and presented to the event staff for wristband pick-up on Friday evening.  The QR code can be on your phone screen or printed out.


Wristband pick-up can be done by anyone in possession of the team’s QR code.  If a club director or a coach is not available to pick-up the team’s wristbands on Friday afternoon, the QR code can be e-mailed or texted to anyone else you would trust to represent the team.







In-Person Check-In

In-Person check-in will only be on Friday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  It will take place the lobby of the Omaha Convention Center.


If you are not checking in online, you must bring a copy of your QR-coded roster printed out from




Dates & Times

Online Check-In will begin at 8:00 am the Wednesday before the tournament weekend.


In-Person Check-In and Wristband Pick-Up begins at 4:00 pm the Friday of the tournament weekend in the lobby of the Omaha  Convention Center.


All check-in activities must be completed by 9:00 pm Friday.



Player and coach wristbands will be given to team representatives on Friday afternoon between 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm.


Player & Coach wristbands are silicone and are removable so that they can take them off while playing.  The only individuals given these wristbands are players & Coaches and they are not for sale to the general public.


Lost wristbands are not replaced for free; a new wristband must be purchased in this situation.


Teams are given wristbands for every player and up to three unique staff members on every roster.  Staff members who are displayed on multiple rosters will only be issued one wristband for the tournament.


Roster Changes

The roster you submit at Team Check-In is the team’s official roster for this entire event and the ONLY official roster.  Once it is submitted at Check-In (online or in-person), it cannot be changed.


Tournament Dates

Feb. 19-21, 2022 for All Divisions

Tournament Location

Omaha, NE


  • CHI Health Convention Center
  • Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex
  • The Courts
  • Iowa West Fieldhouse (Monday only)

See the General Information tab for more details.

Tournament Schedule

Schedule to be posted the week before the event.

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